28 January 2010

The swine who sold us swine flu - Bryan Hemming

Here's something interesting for you to mull. Right since the first outbreak of swine flu in Mexico early last year I can't remember one pig being tested positive for it. I can't even recall any tests being done on pigs.

The transportation of live pigs and pork products from country to country has never been restricted or curtailed - as was the case with birds when avian flu broke out, and cows when CJD, and foot and mouth were around.

Pigs have never been slaughtered to prevent the disease spreading, as far as I know, nor have they been vaccinated with Tamilflu (now there's a golden opportunity Rumsfeld missed). So do pigs suffer from swine flu or don't they? And if they do, why can't we catch it from pigs now when someone must've caught it from a pig before?

Did I jump a page in the swine flu saga? Have I missed the report that discovered swine flu never came from pigs in the first place, or has someone been pulling my pisser? If swine flu came from pigs I'd expect to read about it somewhere, or if it didn't, I'd expect read that. Or to hear it called something else like donkey flu.

Of course, if it didn't come from swine it must have come from something else, like a biolab, for instance, as more and more people are beginning to suspect. So perhaps it came from swine after all.

The Daily Mail should be informed!

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