25 January 2010

Israeli Minister: 'Israel is a very racist society'

Very unusual for Israeli monsters ministers to admit anything, but here we have it, in black and white and from the Jerusalem Post no less. The problem is she wasn't talking about  Israeli attitudes to Palestinians. But about Israeli attitudes to 'immigants from Ethiopia'! The Palestrinians aren't even human for the vast bulk of Israeli society, merely drugged cockroaches or two-footed animals.

"In a recent survey, Israelis were asked which sector of the population they would most like to have as neighbors. The results gave veteran Israelis the top grade, followed bynew immigrants from the US, immigrants from France, immigrants from the former Soviet Union and lastly immigrants from Ethiopia. The same results were found when people were asked which population group they would be happy to have their children go to school with, and also which people they would like their children to marry.
"We are racist. Israel is a very racist society. I know what olim have gone through over the past 20 years."

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