26 January 2010

Scotland Yard is preparing to use the controversial “kettling” tactic at anti-war demo on Friday

Hopefully, the organisers of the anti-war demonstration planned for Friday's appearance of Bliar at the Chilcott Enquiry, Stop the War Coalition, have studied police tactics at these events and have thought up ways to counter them.

According to the Times today, "Scotland Yard is preparing to use the controversial “kettling” tactic in which protesters are enclosed within police cordons for many hours...senior officers say that it is the safest and most effective way of controlling large and volatile crowds in built-up areas.
The police operation will be overseen by a Gold Commander based at the Special Operations Room in Lambeth that will have live footage of the area immediately surrounding the QEII centre. Dozens of officers will be on duty outside the centre, with Territorial Support Group officers nearby with their full riot equipment."

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