26 January 2010

Lord Hutton's Murder Cover up - Further Revelations

The Guardian today has some interesting further revelations on what appears to be Lord Hutton's criminal attempts to distort the justice system by covering -up the murder of Dr. David Kelly. (See "Lord Hutton confirms Dr. David Kelly was murdered")

Firstly, Hutton made the ruling back in 2003 and secondly, according to the Guardian "freedom of information experts say there appear to be strong grounds for the legal challenges. "If Lord Hutton was not carrying out a statutory inquiry, I can't immediately see what power he had to order that these records be closed," said Maurice Frankel, Director of the Campaign for Freedom of Information."

Interestingly, and again this news was kept very low profile, several colleagues of Kelly (including at Porton Down) also died in mysterious circumstances.

Almost a year after Kelly was murdered, his colleague and "chief scientist for chemical and biological defence at Porton Down" (Kelly was Director of the Microbiology Division), Dr Paul Norman, was killed when the Cessna 206 he was piloting crashed shortly after taking off from Dunkeswell Airfield in Devon. It was officially decalred an 'accident' at the inquest. Although "Accident investigators failed to trace the exact cause of the engine failure", the Telegraph report  states that he "was an internationally-known expert on weapons of mass destruction and his death has been linked to other experts, including Dr David Kelly, by conspiracy theory websites." The Mail, however, reported that accident investigators had indicated that the accident "may have been caused by the pilot switching to an empty tank of fuel".

Dr. David Kelly had links to three other top microbiologists whose deaths have left unanswered questions. One was Vladimir Pasechnik: This is an extract of the NYT obituary:
"Dr. Vladimir Pasechnik, a senior Soviet biologist whose defection in 1989 alerted Western intelligence to the scope of Moscow's clandestine efforts to adapt germs and viruses for military use, died on Wednesday in Wiltshire, England. He was 64 and lived in a nearby village.
The cause was a stroke, said Dr. Christopher J. Davis of Great Falls, Va., formerly in British intelligence.
It was Dr. Pasechnik who provided a first glimpse of Biopreparat, a network of secret laboratories, each focused on a deadly agent. His revelations were confirmed in 1992 with the defection to the United States of Dr. Ken Alibek, the No. 2 scientist for the program."

The Kelly murder has also been linked to the Anthrax scare in the US and the death of FBI suspect Bruce Ivins - also in suspicious circumstances - by Edward Jay Epstein in the Wall Street Journal yesterday in his OpEd piece "The Anthrax Attacks Remain Unsolved": Bruce Ivins' suicide "as Eric Nadler and Bob Coen show in their documentary "The Anthrax War," was one of four suicides among American and British biowarfare researchers in past years".

Here are some clips from the film:

The Man Who Knew Too Much? from Field Agent C on Vimeo.

Anthrax War on Sky News 7/11/09 from Field Agent C on Vimeo.

View the next one here as I can't embed it.

Confronting Doctor Death from Field Agent C on Vimeo.

Another one here.

Doctor Alibek and Ukraine's Mystery Illness from Field Agent C on Vimeo.

The Ghost of Frank Olson from Field Agent C on Vimeo.

Inside the Vault. from Field Agent C on Vimeo.


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