12 January 2010

Chris Hedges: Wall Street Will Be Back for More

If any of you who come across this blog find time to read anything at all, then please click on the links here and read Pulitzer-Prizewinner Chris Hedges' latest article on corporations , and bookmark his weekly column over at truthdig.com. You won't regret it. Chris Hedges comments in this article are spot on, as anyone who has worked in one of these corporations knows, and full of sense and sensitivity:

"Corporations, which control the levers of power in government and finance, promote and empower the psychologically maimed. Those who lack the capacity for empathy and who embrace the goals of the corporation—personal power and wealth—as the highest good succeed. Those who possess moral autonomy and individuality do not. And these corporate heads, isolated from the mass of Americans by insular corporate structures and vast personal fortunes, are no more attuned to the misery, rage and pain they cause than were the courtiers and perfumed fops who populated Versailles on the eve of the French Revolution. They play their games of high finance as if the rest of us do not exist. And it is a game that will kill us."

Read the rest over at truthdig.

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