11 February 2009

E-mail to Reuters


RE: FACTBOX: Five facts on Israel's Avigdor Lieberman
Sun Feb 8, 2009 8:55am EST

It is highly instructive that your factbox is limited to 5 facts. Why were only 5 facts chosen and those 5 facts in particular?

Considering this is an election why did you leave out the most pertinent facts?

One of those is that Mr. Lieberman is the subject of an investigation being carried out by the Israeli National Unit for Fraud Investigation. He is suspected of money laundering, fraud and breach of trust. The authorities have already detained seven people for questioning as part of the investigation, including his daughter Michal and his attorney Yoav Meni.

Haaretz stated: "Sources in the national fraud squad said Sunday that the evidence gathered against Lieberman in recent months was far more serious and substantial than anything that has been previously published...international nature, encompassing countries from Cyprus to Ukraine".

Interesting that Reuters does not think this an important fact to be revealed.

But that's not all. You state in your factbox. "While a student in Jerusalem, he began his career as an activist in the right-wing Likud party of then Prime Minister Menachem Begin."

Yet we found out a few days ago in the Israeli press that he in fact "began his career as an activist" with the Kach movement of dead terrorist Kahane: "he handed out the movement's publications among its small student group at the Hebrew University."

Handing out a movement's publications at University is normally called activism, which means that as a student Lieberman was also an activist for a terrorist organisation, yet again you do not feel this worth mentioning.

Reuters is beginning to appear to the reader as a highly biased and untrustworthy source. I would appreciate receiving your comments on this.

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