12 April 2007

The Truth About Syria By Liz Cheney.

Cheney states: "On Dec. 12, 2005, the United Nations issued a report concluding that it was unlikely that Hariris assassination could have been carried out without Syrias knowledge" and "These murders are intended to terrorize Syrias opponents into silence."

Firstly, she prefers to ignore the fact that the lead investigator of the UN report was in fact seriously compromised and had to resign after it was fond that his two main witnesses had been bribed and blackmailed.

Secondly, she also prefers to ignore the 'other' 'cui bono' factor in the Hariri killing. Her statement that "These murders are intended to terrorize Syrias opponents into silence" could also be interpreted as who would gain if the blame was placed at Syrias door? Answer: the US and Israel. And we all know of the history of covert meddling in the affairs of other sovereign countries by the CIA and Mossad...their use of false flag terrorism to achieve their aims.

Thirdly, she completely ignores her own father's funding of 'al Qaeda-Tied Groups' in Lebanon!

Finally her parting comment "Conducting diplomacy with the regime in Damascus while they kill Lebanese democrats is not only irresponsible, it is shameful" is a cold excercise in supreme cynicism, considering Mr Bush's continuing diplomacy with Colombia while that country's intelligence service collaborated with paramilitary death squads to liquidate union activists - also democrats.

Offical Complaint to the BBC

The coverage afforded by the BBC of Tony Blair's claims that roadside bombs in Iraq may have been provided by Iran is a conscious propaganda effort, in particular after the deaths of 4 British soldiers in Basra.
You are willing to give a proven liar unwarranted credibility, while ignoring the facts that contradict his 'views'. This is called bias.
1. Tony Blair has presented no proof, none at all.
2. No Iranians have been caught smuggling arms into Iraq.
3. The chief analyst of a private securty consulting firm presented evidence in Jane's Intelligence Review that Iraqi Shiites have manufactured both the components for "explosively formed penetrators" (EFPs) and the complete EFPs.
4. A US military analyst at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington DC recently stated: "There's no evidence that these are supplied by Iran. A lot of this is just technology that is leaked into an informal network. What works in one country gets known elsewhere."
5. Reuters reported just yesterday that according to the US military spokesman, Lieutenant-Colonel Scott Bleichwehl, troops "discovered a factory that produced “explosively formed penetrators” (EFPs)" in Diwaniya.
6. According to the Independent, we are now asked to believe that, while before the war Tony Blair claimed that Iraqis were technically advanced enough to produce long-range missiles and to be close to producing a nuclear device, now the Iraqis are too backward to produce an effective roadside bomb and must seek Iranian help.
7.In the same Reuters report "a Western explosives expert in Iraq said it appeared from photographs of the crater that the blast had been caused by a commercial landmine buried in the road, not by an EFP"
8. The Sunni insurgency in Iraq is deeply hostile to Iran.
With all the facts pointing in the opposite direction to Tony Blair's 'views', it does seem, at the very least surprising, that the BBC is willing to continue this charade and provide media cover for this individual's propagandistic lies and affording him overwhelming bias.

E-mailed 08 April 2007
Awaiting reply.

In spite of this complaint the BBC insists on reporting US propaganda:

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US says Iran arming Sunni groups
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