31 December 2008

Holocaust in Gaza - We Demand an Israeli War Crimes Tribunal

israel* continues its slow holocaust of the Palestinian people. I say holocaust purposefully because that was the threat made by Matan Vilnai, Israel’s Deputy Defense [sic] Minister, from February of this year: "The more Qassam [rocket] fire intensifies and the rockets reach a longer range, they will bring upon themselves a bigger shoah because we will use all our might to defend ourselves.” In Hebrew, “shoah” refers to the Jewish Holocaust of the 1940's.

I support Francis Boyle's call for an Israeli War Crimes Tribunal: "United Nations General Assembly must immediately establish an International Criminal Tribunal for Israel (ICTI) as a "subsidiary organ" under U.N. Charter Article 22. The ICTI would be organized along the lines of the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia (ICTY), which was established by the Security Council.

The purpose of the ICTI would be to investigate and prosecute Israeli war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide against the Peoples of Lebanon and Palestine--just as the ICTY did for the victims of international crimes committed by Serbia and the Milosevic Regime throughout the Balkans.

The criminal regime in Tel Aviv has mounted its re-election campaign on this holocaust in an effort to outdo the criminality of the likud* party.

And according to the Times: "Within hours of Israel launching its offensive against Gaza, lobbyists, spin-doctors and public relations experts were mobilised to head off critical reaction around the globe...The Israelis have prevented foreign journalists from entering and reporting from Gaza, thereby limiting the scope of the coverage from the Palestinian side."

The BBC have just reported that the isaelis will not let them report from Gaza, they do not want the world to see their crimes.

Robert Fisk
rightly points out: "it was instructive yesterday to hear a member of the American Enterprise Institute – faithfully parroting Israel's arguments – defending the outrageous Palestinian death toll by saying that it was "pointless to play the numbers game". Yet if more than 300 Israelis had been killed – against two dead Palestinians – be sure that the "numbers game" and the disproportionate violence would be all too relevant. The simple fact is that Palestinian deaths matter far less than Israeli deaths."

The fact is that civilians are paying the price in Gaza.

This is Gideon Levy in the israeli* paper Haaretz:

"Good boys from good homes are doing bad things. Most of them are eloquent, impressive, self-confident, often even highly principled in their own eyes, and on Black Saturday dozens of them set out to bomb some of the targets in our "target bank" for the Gaza Strip.

They set out to bomb the graduation ceremony for young police officers who had found that rare Gaza commodity, a job, massacring them by the dozen. They bombed a mosque, killing five sisters of the Balousha family, the youngest of whom was 4. They bombed a police station, hitting a doctor nearby; she lies in a vegetative state in Shifa Hospital, which is bursting with wounded and dead. They bombed a university that we in Israel call the Palestinian Rafael, the equivalent of Israel's weapons developer, and destroyed student dormitories. They dropped hundreds of bombs out of blue skies free of all resistance.

In four days they killed 375 people. They did not, and could not, distinguish between a Hamas official and his children, between a traffic cop and a Qassam launch operator, between a weapons cache and a health clinic, between the first and second floors of a densely populated apartment building with dozens of children inside. According to reports, about half of the people killed were innocent civilians. We're not complaining about the pilots' accuracy, it cannot be otherwise when the weapon is a plane and the objective is a tiny, crowded strip of land. Our excellent pilots are effectively bullies now. As in training flights, they bomb undisturbed, facing neither an air force nor defense system.

Meanwhile the israeli* criminals have tried to murder a former US congresswoman, British doctors and a Cypriot MP, and a CNN reporter, and their propaganda and lies have been exposed. First they claimed it was a 'terorist' vessel, then they said it was an accident: "the boat tried to outmaneuver an Israeli navy ship and crashed into it,". They didn't realise there was a former US Congresswoman and CNN journalist on board...

(* I refuse to dignify the terrorist state or its inhabitants with a capital letter)

07 December 2008

Jewish terrorists in Hebron pogrom

Further violence from the Jewish terrorists and thieves in Hebron. The sheer chutzpah of these evil fanatics is evident for all to see. Not only do they have the nerve to use a many thousand year old fairy story as the basis for the naked theft of someone else's lands, they have been found guilty by their own racist justice system of forging the papers for the Orwellian-sounding 'House of Peace', and thus of the theft of the house from its Palestinian owners.

The violence has been described as a 'pogrom' by both the Olmert and a Haaretz journalist who witnessed it and received a settler rock on his head for his pains.

"As a Jew, I was ashamed at the scenes of Jews opening fire at innocent Arabs in Hebron. There is no other definition than the term 'pogrom' to describe what I have seen," he said at the weekly cabinet meeting.

"We are the sons of a nation who know what is meant by a pogrom, and I am using the word only after deep reflection," the prime minister said, quoted by public radio.

The violence was so bad that the UN Security Council issued a non-binding statement on Friday that "welcomed Israel's evacuation of settlers from the compound in Hebron on December 4" but also "condemned the resulting settler violence, including against Palestinian civilians and property." The UN statement came a day after 250 settlers were forcibly removed from the Hebron compound by Israeli security forces acting on an Israeli high court ruling.

Not only did these terrorists shoot 3 Palestinian civilians, they also set fire to Palestinian homes.

But that was not all the violence. A member of the Israeli SS assaulted a young female photographer on assignment for the Israeli daily Haaretz, armed with a camera...as Haaretz itself commented

During discussions between Haaretz and the army yesterday, the soldiers' version changed considerably. Some details, confidently reported in the first hours after the incident, turned out to be mistaken. Lies are nothing new: When a soldier gets into trouble, his comrades tend to cover for him.

The attack on Scheflan raises questions regarding what might happen when an ordinary civilian (a Palestinian, or sometimes a right-wing activist) is attacked under similar circumstances. The victim is sometimes turned into the perpetrator, without reference to what actually happened.

There is a suspicion that this violence had as its motive an intent to set fire to the whole of the Middle East, as according to Haaretz "
The violence included the desecration of Muslim cemeteries in Hebron and anti-Muslim graffiti on mosque walls in the city, as well as around Qalqilya and Ramallah...Civil Administration officers in the area quickly washed off the graffiti, before pictures of it could be obtained by the Qatari news station Al Jazeera. "

Meanwhile, the human rights organisation Association of Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) issued its Annual Report in which they warned: "
Basic human rights, such as health, a life of dignity, education, housing, equality, freedom from racism, freedom of expression, privacy and democracy are increasingly being violated in Israel...extremely worrisome trends at the center of which are violations of the most elementary human rights...reminiscent, in many and increasing ways, of the apartheid regime in South Africa"

05 December 2008


NATO (read US) bomber pilots are either completly incompetent or are high on heroin. They could also enjoy killing...

According to RIA Novosti, the Russian news organisation: "NATO aircraft killed a flock of sheep in the Afghan province of Laghman, in a botched attack on Taliban gunmen, according to sources in the governor's office...The sources told reporters that NATO troops claim they were targeting Taliban warriors."

As Jason Ditz comments on the antiwar.comblog: "When the helicopters finished firing, 200 were dead. Not Taliban. Not even civilians. 200 sheep. Apparently at a time when the ability of NATO forces to determine the difference between civilians and combatants is in doubt, they decided to underscore their inability to tell the difference between fierce Taliban warriors and a flock of hundreds of sheep roaming the countryside."

Perhaps they thought they were Taliban disguised as sheep - or just sheeple...