01 February 2009

Gaza - What the Israelis didn't want us to see. Jon Sistiaga

This is a programme that was shown last night on Spanish TV station Cuatro. Its a report by Jon Sistiaga, one of the best war reporters on Spanish TV. He was in the Hotel Palestine when it was shelled by the Americans - indeed the shell killed his cameraman José Couso.

This is his report on Gaza. WARNING. There are scenes that can seriously break your heart. The small girls pain having their burns dressings changed is heartwrenching.

It is in Spanish but the images do not need translation. We see the Gaza shrimp fishermen shelled for straying out a few yards to fish. We see 12 year-old Zinab who in ten hours went from a child to an adult - both her parents were killed, and we see the poor little burnt girls screaming their heads off with pain. We also see the smug war criminals in their offices pontificating and doing Goebbals proud, and the child-killers before their attack helicopters trying to convince themselves they're really heroes.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

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