13 December 2009

BBB - Big Brother Britain (Part 1984)

Not content with the continued erosion of civil liberties in Britain, the police now want to control nursery children in case they have become radical extremists, according to the Telegraph. I presume they think the 4 year olds will strap on a suicide bomb and blow up those fair-haired English 'angels'.

"In the West Midlands on officer with the counter terrorism unit wrote to community groups warning: "I do hope that you will tell me about persons of whatever age, you think may have been radicalised or be vulnerable to radicalisation ... Evidence suggests that radicalisation can take place from the age of four."..."He said the indicators were they [children] might draw pictures of bombs and say things like 'all Christians are bad' or that they believed in an Islamic state. It seems nursery teachers in the West Midlands are being asked to look out for radicalisation."

George Orwell is being proved more prophetic every day.

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