23 January 2009

Israel's Message to Iran

I recommend checking out this article: Israel's Message to Iran by Shourideh C. Molavi.

Some of the main points:

"It appears that Israel lost. It has failed to deliver on most of its declared goals.

But Israel's military attack does not only affect the "Palestinian problem" but has widespread regional implications for any future political or military engagement with Iran. "We should work to punish all of the members of the axis of evil..." said Olmert when he announced the ceasefire, "Hamas was supported by Iran, which in addition to trying to achieve regional hegemony is trying to consolidate its power in Gaza."

"Israel has a firm grip on the Palestinian national leadership"

"Israel has strong allies in the Arab world"

"American support for Israel is unshakable, as usual"

"Iran was very much on the agenda."

"Israel has strong European allies"

"Finally, Israel is undeterred by the United Nations and international law"

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