03 November 2008

Israeli art students in Andalucia, Southern Spain

Surprise, surprise!

Israeli art students have suddenly appeared in Southern Spain not 50 miles from a major US base.

There I was this morning, having breakfast of toast and coffee in the my local bar the 'Manicomio' (lunatic asylum in Spanish), when in walked two youngsters, a boy and girl in their early twenties, aspect slightly hippyish, who announced themselves as Israeli art students and did anyone want to buy some pictures.

Now, having read about Mossad agents posing as Israeli art students around 9/11, and then about an Israeli art student scam in the US, South Africa to Australia, I politely declined, an action I now regret. I should have elicited more information before declining their offer.

The town, where I am at the moment is called Conil de la Frontera, and is about 50 miles from the major US base at Rota near Cadiz.

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