02 March 2008

Message to Israeli Ambassador, Madrid

Israel’s aerial bombing in the centre of a densely-populated city is an illegal means of warfare; it is clear that these attacks will directly cause civilian casualties and damage to civilian property and infrastructure.

The targeting of schools, clinics and ministries is a war crime. These attacks are part of the ongoing collective punishment of the occupied civilian population of Gaza; this includes the restricting fuel, electricity, food, medical, and humanitarian supplies – resulting in humanitarian crisis. Since the start of 2008, 132 Gazans have been killed in Israeli attacks; it is estimated that over 44 civilians have died as a result of being denied access to medical care.

Mr. Ambassador. This is not only a genocide but a 'shoa' as one of your ministers threatened the other day. As PM Abbas has stated, in fact it is worse than a holocaust. Instead of defending the indefensible crime of intentionally killing children and babies, why are you not calling for an end to your governments cynical operation.

The good news is that the world over ordinary citizens like myself have been woken up to your countries repulsive crimes and as each Palestinian baby dies you lose more support the world over. One day your criminal regime will be over and criminals such as yourself will be paying for your crimes. Where is your God in all of this? Nowehere. You sir are criminal scum.

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