18 December 2007

Official complaint to the BBC about Paxman

Here is the text of an official complaint I have just sent in to the BBC:

"I wish to make an official complaint about one of the presenters of Newsnight: Jeremy Paxman.

BBC editorial guidelines state:

"Presenters of News and Current Affairs programmes

In the case of those known to the public primarily as presenters of, or reporters on, BBC news programmes and programmes about current affairs, there is a greater possibility of conflict of interest. Care must be taken to ensure that they remain impartial when speaking publicly (see section 2.1 above) and do not promote any political party, campaigning organisation or lobby group which may jeopardise their status as an impartial broadcaster."

Jeremy Paxman has scoffed at these guidelines by not only providing promotional written support for a pro-American 'campaigning organisation or lobby group', the British-American Project for the Successor Generation (BAP), but also being a Fellow of said lobby group and being the 'face' of their organisation - if not then why is he featured photo and all on their main page?

On the home page of the BAP website we can find this:

"What Fellows Say abut BAP
'A marvellous way of meeting a varied cross-section of transatlantic friends.'
Jeremy Paxman, Journalist and BBC broadcaster"

This is an open endorsement of a 'campaigning organisation or lobby group'. BBC guidelines expressly forbid Paxman from promoting this group.

I always had my doubts about Paxman's impartiality and the reason's for his pro-American bias on Newsnight, now I know why.

This is an obvious case of conflict of interest. In view of this, I demand that the BBC take action now."

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