14 July 2006

E-mail to Israeli Ambassador in Madrid, Spain

Excmo. Sr. D. Víctor Harel,

I will write in English as it is my mother tongue:

I write to express my complete rejection of your nation's criminal and genocidal acts in targeting civilians and civilian infrastructure in Gaza and Lebanon.

But what's new? Your country has continued along exactly the same path since 1948. In fact, Israeli Defence Official Yitzhak Bailey - who was very involved in the Israeli rule of South Lebanon in 1982-1985 - wrote in Haaretz on October 19, 1995: ""Unfortunately, the only way to stop Hizbullah actions against the Israeli forces in south Lebanon is to inflict heavy blows on the passive population...Then Hizbullah would be loathed."

We have seen this exact same tactic in action yet again over the last week or so in both Gaza and Lebanon.

Your countries actions with regard to civilians is disgusting, immoral and criminal. You behave as a terrorist state.

Yours Most Sincerely,

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