11 October 2010

New arrest revealed in Mabhouh assassination

As I pointed out last week in my post "AFP: Mossad 'issued death threats' to Dubai police chief" : "However, the real news in the AFP story - conveniently left out by the NYT - is not the Mafia-style behaviour of the Zionist state, which is nothing new, but the fact that a "Western country" has arrested a suspect involved in Mabhuh's assassination", I also asked the question: "When do you think the corporate media will enlighten us further?"

The answer appears to be never because the country concerned has probably pressured the press not to.
This is an article from the National of UAE:

"New arrest revealed in Mabhouh assassination".

"DUBAI // The Dubai Police chief says a major suspect in the killing of Mahmoud al Mabhouh was arrested in a western country about two months ago – but authorities in that country asked that nothing be made public.
“The suspect who was arrested played a key role in the killing, but we were informed by the ambassador during a meeting that they did not wish to release the information,” Lt Gen Dahi Khalfan Tamim, who declined to give any further details on the identity of the suspect, said yesterday.
Al Mabhouh, 50, a Hamas commander, was suffocated on January 19 in his hotel room at the Al Bustan Rotana in Dubai. His killers left the Emirates that day, before the murder was discovered.
The country that arrested the suspect two months ago is not believed to be European.
Lt Gen Tamim said investigators in that country need to be more forthcoming with information about what they have found.

“I do not have an explanation for why they do not want to make it public, but there is a need for more transparency in this case. Why is it that every time an Israeli is involved in a crime, everyone goes mute?” Lt Gen Tamim asked.
“We want anyone who is dealing with this case to deal with it as security case, and not to pay attention to any other consideration,” he added.
It is not clear whether the western nation is still holding the suspect."

This comes hot on the heels of another story, yesterday, in the Wall Street Journal:

"In Global Hunt for Hit Men, Tantalizing Trail Goes Cold", (echoed in Haaretz.: "Report: Suspect in Dubai assassination used identity of fallen IDF soldier")

in which the WSJ claims "No other arrests have been made"!

"In 1994, according to the investigation, someone named Lockwood had been known as Yehuda Lustig, born in Glasgow, Scotland to a Jewish family that had lived in British Mandatory Palestine and was killed in Sinai during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. The question of who the real Christopher Lockwood was remained open. On the Internet, conjecture even surfaced that Yehuda Lustig, whose name was inscribed on a memorial, had not been killed and that 40 years later, Lockwood is the same person.
A glance at the side-by-side photographs of Lustig, the young soldier, and Lockwood provided by Interpol reveals an uncanny resemblance, particularly in their eyes, noses, mouths and the outlines of the chins.
An examination of Interior Ministry registration documents pointed to even more mystery regarding the true identity of Lustig-Lockwood.
An Israeli citizen by the name of Yehuda Lustig is registered within the state's information archives. The details of this Lustig's life are suspiciously similar to that of the fallen IDF soldier: He was born in 1948 in Britain, and his father was also named Martin.
The living Lustig is listed by the Interior Ministry as a bachelor, with an address at Allenby 10 in Tel Aviv. That address, however, proved to be false: there is no residential building at Allenby 10, only a convenience store."

So, it's a 'western nation' that's not European... Who could that realistically be and why would the WSJ publish a verifiable lie? The US, Canada, Australia? If it's one of those 3, this terrorist will never see the inside of a prision cell he so richly deserves, and has probably already been sent home...And why the WSJ story now? Answers on a postcard, please...

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