20 October 2010

Dubai says hit team suspect arrested in Canada, Canada denies it

Further to my recent post "New arrest revealed in Mabhouh assassination", in which I speculated "So, it's a 'western nation' that's not European...The US, Canada, Australia? "

Well, the answer is......CANADA!

According to Reuters, in their article "Dubai says hit team suspect arrested in Canada":

"Canadian police have arrested a suspect in the assassination of a Hamas militant in Dubai".

According to the Dubai police chief, who has received death threats from Mossad, Canadian police have offered Dubai police no information on the matter:

"Dubai police chief Dahi Khalfan Tamim said he was frustrated by the lack of any details or information from Canadian authorities regarding the arrest.
"We want clarity on this issue. We want the Canadian authorities to tell us exactly what the details are -- the thing that is discomfiting is the lack of transparency on this," he told Reuters.
Tamim said he had been informed that Canada would send a representative to Dubai to provide further information, but did not know when a debriefing would take place.
Canadian officials have not responded to requests for comment from Reuters."

The Jerusalem Post goes further: "According to Tamim, the suspect arrested was a member of the so-called assassination team that was caught on video in Dubai’s Al-Bustan Rotana hotel, where Mabhouh was killed in January. The suspect he claimed was arrested by Canada is seen in video footage carrying tennis equipment and stepping out of an elevator after Mabhouh."

So it's one of these two terrorists:

Further, the Dubai police chief told the Globe & Mail that he had been informed by a "senior Canadian security official" who told him "in July".

"Lt.-Gen. Tamim said “the person informed me then that this information was not to be released in the media and was only for the police. Since then we have not heard any more information and I don’t understand the secrecy.

Now, Ottawa is denying any of this ever took place: "“Baseless,” was the word one well-placed Ottawa official used to describe the general’s claim. " and is looking to muddy the waters even further by accusing the Dubai police chief of being involved in a plot "to embarrass Canada amid an ongoing row over airport rights"

According to the Globe & Mail "the reaction in Ottawa is mostly one of confusion. “We have nothing to say at this point,” said Sergeant Greg Cox, a spokesman for the RCMP...Two senior sources at the Canadian Embassy in the UAE told The Globe they did not inform the Dubai police chief about any arrest. “We are trying to verify this information with our colleagues in Ottawa,” one said, asking to remain anonymous. “Tamim said we gave this info to the Dubai police, and we didn’t.”"

The Dubai police chief has no reason to invent this story, regardless of any Canadian disinformation about a row over airport rights, but the Canadian police and government have every reason to deny it and obscure the affair, if as I originally and still maintain that "this terrorist...has probably already been sent home..." to Israel, the gangster state.

Shame on Canada!

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