02 October 2010

AFP: Mossad 'issued death threats' to Dubai police chief

If there were any doubts that the Israeli state in general and its Mossad enforcers are anything but gangsters, here is the proof:

AFP: Mossad 'issued death threats' to Dubai police chief

The NYT also carries the story:

"United Arab Emirates: Police Chief Accuses Israeli Spy Agency of Threats"

"“Protect your back if you are still talking,” one message said"

Hoever, the real news in the AFP story - conveniently left out by the NYT - is not the Mafia-style behaviour of the Zionist state, which is nothing new, but the fact that a "Western country" has arrested a suspect involved in Mabhuh's assassination:

"The person arrested was among a number of suspects for which international red notices had been issued by global police agency Interpol on behalf of the UAE, he added, without giving details of the country or the person involved.
The UAE is seeking the extradition of the suspect, the daily added."

When do you think the corporate media will enlighten us further?

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