21 July 2009

Honduran Defense Ministry’s list of drug traffickers links Micheletti to the Cali cartel

A big thank you goes to Machetera for translating the article in CubaDebate which shows Honduran usurper Pinocheletti was on an undated Honduran Ministry of Defence list of narcos...and Otto's comment over at IKN is well worth quoting:

"But hey, let's get real here. Being connected to cocaine smuggling cartels and being on US suspects lists never stopped anyone getting to be a President in LatAm: Just ask Pablo Escobar's Associate 82, a guy with the strange name of "Alvaro Uribe" who was a local politico in Escobar's area of main control back in the 1980's, was fingered by the Pentagon as being a "close friend and associate" but somehow managed to become....errr...president of Colombia."

As a commenter there pointed out, apparently Zelaya is on the same list, which would, in my view, tend to authenticate the document. Zelaya allies in the region would hardly publish a document that would also point an accusatory finger at their own friend if it was a forged document intended to discredit his rival.

Also check out this interesting report from The Real News Network: "The Honduran Battle for Washington", which shows an interview with the DA of the Honduran Attorney General's office and a Honduran congressman belonging to one of Zelaya's rival parties, with yet another interesting constitutional argument against the coup:

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