07 September 2006

Videos Israel Doesn't Want You to See

The first video is a excellent report from CBC showing the extent of Israeli press censorship and Israeli Occupation Forces brutality:

There are several other videos on YouTube taken by members of the International Solidarity Movement with some of the most shocking involving Israeli children (fucking little savages judging by the video) stoning Palestinian women and children on ther way to school, or members of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM).

This all takes place in the Tel Rumeida neighbourhood in Hebron, West Bank. As the ISM Tel Rumeida Project states:

"Tel Rumeida is a small Palestinian neighborhood widely acknowledged as housing the most racist, violent and extremist faction of the Israeli settler movement. Tel Rumeida is located on a hill in the tensest area of Hebron, with Beit Hadassah settlement at its base and the Tel Rumeida settlement at the peak. Nearly every tactic used by Israel to create its merciless occupation is employed in Tel Rumeida: displacement, imprisonment, economic strangulation, extreme militarization, arbitrary detention, land confiscation, disruption of normal Palestinian life, settler violence, soldier brutality, government complicity with illegal settler acts, and daily humiliation. Israeli settlers’ constant violence against and humiliation of Palestinians and the destruction and theft of their property has one purpose: to ethnically cleanse Hebron of Palestinians, giving the settlers permanent control of the land. The goal of the Israeli government and the settlers is within reach: many Palestinian families have left and continue to leave the area."

We are talking about illegal settlements - illegal under international law. But hey, does Israel give a fuck about international law? Of course not. Criminal nation, genocidal state.

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