09 September 2006

What planet do the Guardian Leader writers live on? Planet Hollywood?

Having just read today's Guardian Leader "Bleak horizons", here are a few comments:

Once again the Guardian leader writers prefer a Hollywood version of events to reality.

Once again, for the Guardian, the US and Britain's problems in Iraq are "no clear exit strategy in the face of a weak government, the strength of the insurgency and the sectarian nature of the conflict" not the fact that they waged a war of aggression on a sovereign country committing in the process what the Nuremberg principles, enshrined in international law, call the "supreme crime". It is this fact that unites the majority of the people in the world against the US/UK's criminal acts, not the supposed expert 'propaganda' of Bin Laden, which is, in reality, pale in comparison to Western media propaganda.

Once again, for the Guardian, all resistance to the US/UK attempt to dominate the world by force is labelled Al Qaeda, although there is no proof that the majority of the attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan are anything other than resistance forces at work to expel foreign invaders.

Once again, the Guardian bombards us with the official conspiracy theory that "this prolonged global crisis" began when 19 Arabs from caves in Afghanistan hijacked 4 planes with boxcutters, which is, in fact, manifestly false as any student of Modern History could explain. We are expected to ignore 60 years of US/UK meddling in the affairs of sovereign countries, especially in the ME, all in the name of 'our way of life' which is in fact nothing more than code for our selfish, avaricious society enriching itself at the expense of others.

Once again, the Guardian turns truth on its head describing the Israeli genocide of the Palestinian people as an "impasse", reinforcing Israeli propaganda that the conflict is between 2 equal parties with only one (Israel) facing an existentialist danger. The reality is that only one nation on this planet faces being "wiped of the map": and that is Palestine.

Once again, the Guardian's Hollywood/Made-in-Israel version describes the recent Israeli aggression in the Lebanon as "almost accidental", when we now know for a fact was planned with the Americans well in advance.

Once again the Guardian describes the leader of one the US/UK's 'official' enemies as "led by a populist loose cannon of a president". Would the Guardian ever describe George Bush as "populist loose cannon of a president"?

Once again, despite any evidence to back them up, the Guardian's Leader writer claims that Iran "seems on course to acquire nuclear weapons". In fact, the evidence all points to the contrary. The Guardian says it's "because, after Iraq, the international community is powerless to stop it " Powerless? What utter bullshit. They rest of the international community just doesn't agree with the US/UK worldview, and can you blame them? As if we have a monopoly on the truth.

Once again, for the Guardian, the "view that democracy could be exported on American bayonets " is only "misplaced" not criminal.

Once again, the Guardian turns the truth on its head when it declares that "jihadi terrorism" now threatens "our most cherished freedoms". I was unaware until this morning that the "jihadi" terrorists were able to pass laws in the British Parliament cutting our civil liberties. I foolishly thought it was Blair and his "Socialist" majority government that were doing this.

But finally, The Guardian gives some good advice: "Governments on this side of the Atlantic must work harder to tackle the Middle Eastern grievances that feed the resentment on which jihadi ideology thrives". Obviously due to lack of space (I can't see any other reason) we are not told what these "grievances" are.