14 August 2006

Hizbollah's phantom army

According to the Israelis, Hizbollah had just 2,000 fighters when the latest fighting erupted nearly a month ago. CNN reported on 01 August:

"Israel said it has killed 300 of the estimated 2,000 Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon during its three-week offensive"

On 04 August, Con Coughlin of the Daily Telegraph reported: "Lebanese officials estimate that up to 500 fighters have been killed in the past three weeks of hostilities with Israel, and another 1,500 injured"

So if there are 2,000 fighters and Israel has killed 500 and injured 2,000 then there can't be any left. So who is resisting the Israeli invasion of South Lebanon? Phantoms?

I would certainly tend to believe Hizbollah over the IDF. They have shown in the past that they don't lie as much as the Israelis.

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