03 December 2010

Wikileaks : Israeli organised crime uses same MO in hits as used on Iranian scientists

Wikileaks cable "09TELAVIV1098, Israel, A Promised Land For Organised Crime?"

This is the title of the Cable from the US Embassy in Tel Aviv to the Secretary of State, Dept. of Homeland Security, the US Customs and Border Protection agency, and for some reason the US Embassy in Rome...

Among the fascinating snippets of information about the crime families in Israel, the real news is that the Israeli organised crime families use exactly the same MO as that on the recent assassination/murder of one Iranian nuclear scientist (and his wife), and the attempted assassination/murder of another at the same time.

The cable reveals this information:

"According to several media accounts, a motor scooter pulled up alongside Alperon's car and the rider attached a sophisticated explosive device with a remote detonator to the car door."

Now check this with the BBC report on the recent assassination of the Iranian nuclear scientist:

"The scientists were targeted by men on motorbikes who attached bombs to the windows of their cars as they drove to work"

The cable details that previously, and despite their notoriety, Organised Crime (OC) figures were: "generally been viewed as a nuisance to be handled by local police. Law enforcement resources were directed to more existential security threats from terrorists and enemy states."

It continues: "In recent years, however, the rules of the game have changed. According to xxxxx, the old school of Israel OC is giving way to a new, more violent, breed of crime. xxxxx told conoffs that the new style of crime features knowledge of hi-tech explosives acquired from service in the Israeli Defense Forces, and a willingness to use indiscriminate violence, at least against rival gang leaders. New OC business also includes technology-related crimes, such as stock market and credit card fraud, and operates on a global scale."

I'd say that this was a pretty good pointer as to who masterminded the hit in Iran...

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