26 December 2010

Washington Post: Soft on Nicaragua

Who writes this crap? Yet another piece of revisionism by the WaPo, showing how much US media is in  bed with its criminal govt. instead of holding its criminal actions to account.

The first sentence is as far as anyone need go: "AQUARTER-CENTURY ago the United States went to extraordinary lengths to prevent consolidation of a leftist dictatorship in Nicaragua, funding an opposition army and even mining the country's harbors."

A 'dictatorship' in WaPo language is a govt than doesn't let US corporations run riot as though they owned the country.

'Funding an opposition army', is creating, financing, training and arming a terrorist force to instill fear throughout a country, and is illegal under international law. The International Court of Justice found the US  "in breach of customary international law not to intervene in the affairs of another state".

And,'mining the country's harbors', was an action so completely illegal under international law that the same judgement condemned it as ""in breach of its obligations under customary international law not to use force against another State, not to intervene in its affairs, not to violate its sovereignty and not to interrupt peaceful maritime commerce" technical terms for international terrorism.

What a bunch of sick hypocrites.

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