15 March 2009

Israel's new defence minister is war criminal

The mafioso Netenyahu shows just how willing he is to continue with the gangster ethos of the Israeli state: he will be appointing a known war criminal to the position of Minister of Defence.

This is the bravest of the brave, yes the very same 'warrior' that recently cancelled a visit to the UK, shitting himself with fear of arrest. Moshe “Boogie” Ya’alon, 58, former chief of staff of the Israel Defence Forces. Of course cowardly thugs like Ya'alon are only brave when they're surrounded by dozens of their fellow thugs.

Like all true cowards they shit themselves when they're on their own.

Just look what happened to another brave 'warrior': "retired" Major General Doron Almog (note how for the press these criminals are always "retired"?). The Israeli embassy’s military attaché, who was tipped off by an Israeli spy, warned Almog of the impending arrest. Almog evaded arrest by Scotland Yard agents on a war crimes charge when he refused to disembark a flight from Israel.

Ya'alon was recently indicted in Spain for war crimes. of course the chances of this gangster ever being judged for his crimes are remote as these cowards would never dare defend themselves of the charges, they just run. But at least we will be spared the sight of these disgusting criminals strutting around here. They will eventually be confined to the borders of their own gangster state.

Meanwhile we hear that the gangster state's thugs are "firing live rounds" at unarmed West Bank protesters including US citizens, one of whom they have sent to hospital after firing a smoke canister directly at his head, causing him to suffer "an open wound in his skull and substantial brain damage." According to the AP "skull fragments and a portion of his right frontal lobe were removed. He also suffered major trauma to the bone surrounding his right eye...Nothing was happening in the immediate area where we were, or anywhere else," Silverman said Saturday. Troops kept firing tear gas as Anderson was being moved into a Palestinian ambulance".

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