25 April 2011

Royal Navy and Gibraltar police try to obstruct Spanish police from arresting drug traffickers

The Guardia Civil patrol were chasing a suspect vessel at high speeds. The vessel had come from Morocco and was trying to make for Gibraltar, where no doubt they had paid off the police and the Navy, when they were intercepted by the Guardia Civil fast patrol boat. The occupants of the unknown vessel started desperately to throw bales overboard but were apprehended 3 kms from the Rock by the Guardia Civil.

Suddenly they were surrounded by 5 or 6 vessels from the Gibraltar Customs, Gibraltar Police and the Royal Navy and subjected to threats and insults. The Guardia Civil finally managed to extricate themselves and their capture and returned to Algeciras port with the 2 occupants under arrest and over 100 kgs of hashish confiscated.

Gibraltar and Britain are trying to claim that Gibraltar has territorial waters, however, the Treaty of Utrecht gives no territorial waters to Gibraltar apart from the waters of its port. And in their efforts to claim these waters it appears the Gibraltarians don't give a fuck whether drug gangs, criminals get away.

Let's face it, Gibraltar is and always has been a safe haven for pirates, thieves, and crooks.



Fussy Fellows said...

Very funny, if not libelous

David Sketchley said...

Sue me!