04 November 2010

Schutzstaffel, Völkisch & Untermenschen: Israel 2010

Gideon Levy has yet another bold article in Israeli daily, Haaretz: "Israel is proud to present: The aggressor-victim"

In it he criticizes the hero-worship and "scandalous support of senior officers" for two Israeli Occupation Force soldiers who were found guilty of using an 11 year old child as a human shield during Operation Cast lead in Gaza in 2009, or as the BBC put it:

"The soldiers were found guilty of reckless endangerment and conduct unbecoming for forcing the nine-year-old boy to check suspected booby-traps...
A summary of the verdict said that - when rounding up residents of Tel al-Hawa - the soldiers came across bags in a home and ordered the Palestinian boy to search for suspected booby-traps.
"The boy, who feared for his fate and was under the stress of the situation, wet his pants," the three-judge panel wrote in the summary of the verdict.
"The court has noted that, unlike the soldiers, the child was, naturally, bereft of any form of protection.""

And guess what? The soldiers are the victims! And we notice that the names of the 2 cowards have not been released...and they call themselves the "most moral army in the world"!

Levy, on how the Israeli Occupation Forces frame the argument: "there has never been an occupier who presented himself like that, as a victim...The victimhood, it turns out, belongs not to an 11-year-old child whose life was put at risk and who has been suffering from insomnia ever since, but the soldiers who ordered him to check for explosives, in clear contradiction of a ruling by the Supreme Court...Not the Samouni family, 21 of whose members were butchered when the same Givati Brigade, under the same commander, bombed the house into which the soldiers ordered the family, but the brigade commander, Ilan Malka, whose conduct is now being investigated, shamefully late. And certainly not the residents of Gaza, who experienced Cast Lead with its hardships, horrors, destruction and war crimes, but the soldiers, who share responsibility with the commanders and politicians. "

Levy continues "The soldiers taking pictures of themselves dancing with prisoners and posing with corpses are proud of what they do. They upload the footage onto the Web, for all to see, and friends of the two Givati troops are equally proud of what their mates have done. They're proud of the conduct of people who broke the law."

It appears friends and colleagues of these two cowards protested outside the court wearing black T-shirts.

Well we all know the significance of black shirts...

Schutzstaffel: SS protective squads; who operated the concentration camps; also had an elite "Black Shirts" squad to guard the Nazi Party.

It's appearing more and more that the Israelis have developed a form of Stockholm Syndrome with the Nazis, their actions more and more resemble the actions of the Nazis, and let's face it, who needs gas chambers when you can use Hellfire missiles, GBU-39s, white phosphorous bombs and other experimental weapons such as Dense Inert Metal Explosive (DIME) (even more cancer-inducing than depleted uranium which was also used)  over densely populated areas?

Oh, and the other two terms in the title?

völkisch -- an adjective used to describe the racist, nationalist ideology which divided people into "pure" Aryans and inferior Untermenschen.
Untermenschen -- those peoples the Nazi's derided as subhuman

Just change the word 'Aryans' for 'Jews' and 'Nazis' to 'Zionists' and we have a pretty clear picture of today's Israel...

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