16 August 2010

Harvard University fund sells all Israel holdings

Although,the subtitle says "No reason for the sale was mentioned in the report to the SEC", there is no doubt that the campaign to boycott the criminal regime in Israel is gaining ground...

Update 17 Aug

...in spite of their denial that: "The university has not divested from Israel."  According to the Guardian "Harvard spokesman, John Longbrake, said today...the change had taken place because Israel had been part of its emerging markets portfolio but the country's status had been upgraded to developed market.
Longbrake added that the university retained shares in Israel: "We have holdings in developed markets, including Israel, through outside managers in commingled accounts and indexes, which are not reported in the filing in question."

The Guardian then quotes plagiarist and supporter of Israel's genocidal campaign against the Palestinians, Alan Dershowitz:

"There will be some irresponsible anti-Israel extremists who will try to portray this economic decision as an attack against Israel," Dershowitz said. "Shame on them. They will continue to lose their credibility among all reasonable and objective people if they try to take political advantage of this purely technical decision.He added: "The end result may well be that Harvard will have greater rather than lesser holdings of Israeli stocks. No one should misinterpret this purely economic decision as support for any form of divestment against Israel. Indeed, Harvard has publicly committed itself not to divest from Israel and not to participate in any campaign of boycotting the Jewish nation.""

Fuck you Dershowitz, you can try to spin it as much as you can, but the fact is that Harvard has "sold all its holdings in Israeli companies", for whatever reasons they care to state. If I was Harvard, I would also deny the divestment campaign had anything to do with the decision. It would keep nutters like Dershowitz off my back.

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