13 June 2009

Shyster squatters up to their tricks again

We hear in Ha'aretz today that J Street (a 'pro-Israel group') "blasted a poll released earlier this week that said a majority of Israelis are against a settlement freeze, calling the poll 'politically motivated and distorted'."

It transpires that the 'quasi poll' was "sponsored by Ariel University Center,
" the only
settlement squatters (!) university, and "published only in the clear rightist Makor Rishon-Hatzofe newspaper and not in any mainstream Hebrew press."

Of course, AP picked up on this and the story went round the world, misinforming everyone. Now how did that happen? How come something like this makes it through all the AP filters and crosschecks? And they call us anti-semites when we question the influence of Israeli hardiners in the western press...

David Halperin Assistant Director of Israel Policy Forum (IPF - NY) gave us a bit more here. Check out more here.

Here is the link to a Dahaf Institute poll following Obama's speech in Cairo which shows that in fact a majority of Israelis actually support Obama's settlement policy.

Meanwhile, the US is keeping up the 'pressure': "The proposals to be outlined in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech on Sunday will not be enough to satisfy the Obama administration, a senior U.S. official was quoted as saying on Friday. "

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