05 December 2008


NATO (read US) bomber pilots are either completly incompetent or are high on heroin. They could also enjoy killing...

According to RIA Novosti, the Russian news organisation: "NATO aircraft killed a flock of sheep in the Afghan province of Laghman, in a botched attack on Taliban gunmen, according to sources in the governor's office...The sources told reporters that NATO troops claim they were targeting Taliban warriors."

As Jason Ditz comments on the antiwar.comblog: "When the helicopters finished firing, 200 were dead. Not Taliban. Not even civilians. 200 sheep. Apparently at a time when the ability of NATO forces to determine the difference between civilians and combatants is in doubt, they decided to underscore their inability to tell the difference between fierce Taliban warriors and a flock of hundreds of sheep roaming the countryside."

Perhaps they thought they were Taliban disguised as sheep - or just sheeple...

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