01 September 2008

Is Rupert Cornwell stupid or a paid propagandist?

Talk about spinning failure into success... This Cornwell character really has no shame. Just check out his latest opinion piece in the Independent masquerading as World News: "Have we misunderestimated George W Bush?"

In the foreign policy area his reasoning is that if Bonkers Bolton is so furious, Bush must be doing something right.

"Thereafter, the bluster of Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, Iran's steadily advancing nuclear programme, and its interference in neighbouring Iraq only made matters worse."

In Iraq he manages to turn a humiliating US defeat into victory: "the US troop "surge" of early 2007 has brought a measure of stability. American casualties have tumbled, and the government of Nouri al-Maliki is starting to deliver"

This guy accepts the official thruths blindly. Whatvere happened to journalism?

Re Israel "The US still will not lean heavily on Israel, but at least its diplomatic apparatus has a focus again"

"Bush may be proud of his record in bringing assistance to Africa, in particular to fight HIV-Aids."

"...has not been a single foreign terrorist attack on US soil since 9/11...the no-nonsense (to put it politely) treatment of terror suspects...Bush has undeniably performed his basic duty of keeping the country safe."

Why put it politely? Torture is tortue. Don't count your chickens Rupert, the blowback is still to come.

"His historical rehabilitation will largely depend on whether, and how quickly, his successors can quickly regain that good name"

Successors my arse. This sentence should read: ""His historical rehabilitation will largely depend on whether, and how quickly, the legions of paid propagandists like myself can quickly regain that good name" "

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