30 July 2008

Jewish cyber-terrorists hack Facebook group

The fact that the Israeli and American governments believe themselves above the rule of law is well known to all, but in a recent twist we now have Jewish-American supremacists - internet nerds going by the name of the 'Jewish Internet Defense Force' - believing they can do what the fuck they like in cyberspace as well, and appearing to get away with it.

The Israeli press seemingly approves of the hacking (an illegal action in most countries) by these Jewish-American supremacists, but what's new there? They have always approved all the Israeli governments' terrorist activities. The Jerusalem Post managed to avoid using the word 'hacks' preferring "seizes control", while Arutz Sheva (IsraelNationalNews.com) states "A Jewish activist has rallied thousands of virtual troops to go after the Jew-haters and terrorist-sympathizers of Facebook – with great success...His first move was establishing a group called "FACEBOOK: Why Do You Aid And Abet Terrorist Organizations?"

The JIDF revere the terrorist Meir Kahane and Israeli terrorist organisations such as Sayeret Matkal, and worship at the altar of the cowardly King David Hotel terrorist bombing, as their You Tube page shows.

They believe in ethnic cleansing, indeed a "representative of the group (who) agreed to be interviewed on the condition of anonymity" stated "Palestinians should be transferred out of Israeli territories" in an online interview published yesterday.

This representative is probably the group's founder, David Appletree, who back in March "declared war" against what he calls "anti-Israel propaganda".

Curiously enough, the JIDF state that they "hope to expose and fight antisemitism and pro-Jihadist trends on the web" by pressuring MySpace to "draw the line when people are blatantly promoting hatred, violence, murder, and genocide..." yet to the question that the group is engaging in the exact some rhetoric and conduct that it criticizes, they answer "We do not promote hatred, violence, murder or genocide. We do not promote known terrorist entities. We do not misinform. We do not lie nor make up lies. We do not call people “apes and pigs” - like many of the Muslims do. We do not advocate the destruction of countries or of people."

No, just cockroaches...here are some of the comments to be found on their You Tube page by their own supporters:

"Well after watching that I hope that A bad earthquake hits iran,hopfully around there nuclear facilities,so there people might get poisioned.These lunatics want this power for there own agenda,g-d willing it will only backfire on them.Or I hope Israel nukes iran and then hit russia."

"the only language they understand is that of violence"

"islam is growing fast because they give two options: convert or die. plus they are breeding like cockroaches."

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Anonymous said...

The JIDF is not a "cyber-terrorist" organization nor an organization that does anything illegal. Also we do not believe in "ethnic cleansing." People who promote Hamas and/or Hezbollah and who refuse to live peacefully by their neighbors should be moved away. Interesting to note that you are also defaming Sayeret Matkal.

Much of post is both false, and defamatory. Then again, much of your blog is.