28 May 2008

Tune Your World

Do You Believe we can Change the World through Music?

Got $25 bucks? Microfinance a Working Musician and do a world of good.


Calabash is changing the way the world finances music by applying the principles of microcredit to the music industry. Already established as the leading international music download service and the world's first fair trade music company, we're using the power of online social networking to enable independent musicians from around the world to go straight to their fans for financing.
Our groundbreaking approach is the creation of an online marketplace for musicians and fans enabling peer-to-peer microfinancing of new music projects.

With your help we're providing opportunities to revitalize the music industry in places where the music industry has never really worked very well. You can participate in a new cottage industry of micro-financed recordings produced in music capitals across the globe.

We let you microfinance the world's working musicians

Calabash operates on a people-to-people model: Musicians obtain funding for their recordings without giving up ownership or control and Fan / Sponsors are able to feel a personal connection with a music project and can get progress updates from musicians. Instead of buying music via a distribution network that prevents most of your money from getting to the artist, peer-to-peer microfinancing lets you sponsor small amounts directly to a particular musician.

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We partner with organizations all over the world

Calabash partners with international music producers and music journalists. In doing so we gain access to outstanding musicians from developing countries around the world. Calabash recently partnered with National Geographic and we provide the fair trade music service engine behind National Geographic's new music initiative.

2008 GOAL

100,000 fans extending $1.5 million to over 10,000 musicians from around the world.

Tune Your World

You can microfinance an Artist on our Tune Your World social network, download a copy of their latest recording and help the world's working musicians make great strides towards economic independence.1. Pick an artist and make a minimum $25 sponsorship via Paypal2. Calabash transfers funds to musician when artist's goal is reached3. Receive news and download advance copies of artist's recording

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