03 October 2007

New revelations in attack on USS Liberty

Finally, the US MSM have decided to make an issue of the USS Liberty. The Chicago Tribune and Baltimore Sun both publish a special report on the unprovoked Israeli attack.

I say finally because, back in June 2007 in the UK, the BBC attempted to do a hatchet job on the allegations by giving the story to who appears to be their very own in-house 'sayanim': Raffi Berg.

Berg based a lot of his refutations on the testimony of "historian Michael B Oren, a senior fellow at the Shalem Center, a Jerusalem academic research institute". However what Berg failed to explain to BBC readers was that Oren himself is tainted. He also failed to explain anything about the Shalem Center...

Here's what James Bamford, author of Body of Secrets, which has a chapter dedicated to the USS Liberty, has to say about Oren:

"Oren, however, is a reserve officer and war veteran of the Israeli Defense Forces as well as a former advisor to the government of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin -- who was Army chief of staff at the time the Liberty was attacked. He now works for a small right wing, pro-Benjamin Netanyahu Israeli think tank in Jerusalem, the Shalem Center. It is run by its founder, Yoram Hazony, one of former Prime Minister Netanyahu's closest aides (he also ghost wrote a book by him). During the race for prime minister, the political party of Ehud Barak even accused the center of illegally funneling money to Netanyahu -- a charge denied by the center. The Israeli Education Ministry has called the center "a research institute whose leanings are extreme right-wing and even fascistic."
The principal mission of the center, where Mr. Oren is a senior fellow, is the cause of extreme Jewish nationalism -- Israel for the Jews -- i.e. apartheid. That is hardly surprising given that the center's intellectual guru, Yoram Hazony, is an admitted admirer of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane. He is the racist, fanatic founder of the violent Jewish Defense League in the U.S. and the rabid anti-Arab Kach movement in Israel, which is now outlawed there and listed as a terrorist group in the U.S. In 1984 Kahane was elected to the Israeli Knesset on a platform calling for the expulsion of Arabs from Israel.
Typical of the comments uttered by Hazony's demagogic idol: "I want the Israeli Arabs out of here because I don't want to kill them every week, as they multiply and demonstrate"; "They are germs that are poisoning us. They will not leave us be until they have raped all our women and murdered all our men"; and "I recognize the submachine gun's right to speak and the knife's right to speak."
Soon after hearing one of the rabbi's fiery, bigoted speeches, Hazony began quoting him in political debates. Eventually he wrote a fawning obituary about his slain hero in the Jerusalem Post. "We were mesmerized," he said. "We listened in astonishment, and finally in shame, when we began to realize that he was right." He then expressed "gratitude to someone who changed our lives, thrilled and entertained us, helped us grow up into strong, Jewish men and women. Many of us found other ways of doing what he asked." One of those ways was by opening his Shalem Center, where Oren, a close associate of Hazony, works, writes, and studies. So much for Oren's "independence.

Anyway, the Tribune/Sun's article is well worth the read...and if anyone has not yet seen it, well worth spending the time viewing the BBC documentary 'Dead in the Water'.

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