12 April 2007

The Truth About Syria By Liz Cheney.

Cheney states: "On Dec. 12, 2005, the United Nations issued a report concluding that it was unlikely that Hariris assassination could have been carried out without Syrias knowledge" and "These murders are intended to terrorize Syrias opponents into silence."

Firstly, she prefers to ignore the fact that the lead investigator of the UN report was in fact seriously compromised and had to resign after it was fond that his two main witnesses had been bribed and blackmailed.

Secondly, she also prefers to ignore the 'other' 'cui bono' factor in the Hariri killing. Her statement that "These murders are intended to terrorize Syrias opponents into silence" could also be interpreted as who would gain if the blame was placed at Syrias door? Answer: the US and Israel. And we all know of the history of covert meddling in the affairs of other sovereign countries by the CIA and Mossad...their use of false flag terrorism to achieve their aims.

Thirdly, she completely ignores her own father's funding of 'al Qaeda-Tied Groups' in Lebanon!

Finally her parting comment "Conducting diplomacy with the regime in Damascus while they kill Lebanese democrats is not only irresponsible, it is shameful" is a cold excercise in supreme cynicism, considering Mr Bush's continuing diplomacy with Colombia while that country's intelligence service collaborated with paramilitary death squads to liquidate union activists - also democrats.

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