31 January 2007

Telegraph Comment writers promoting another war of aggression

There is a lot of nonsense in this commentary. Either nonsense or just plain good old propaganda.

"it is easy to sympathise with Washington's irritation over Europe's failure to tighten the economic thumbscrews on Iran"

No it isn't. It seems the Times comment writers have forgotten or just don't give a damn about causing genocide, the genocide caused by the sanctions on Iraq after 1991 when over half a million children died.

"Washington believes an economic squeeze would help foment internal dissent against this bellicose Islamic regime"

How do the Telegraph Comment writers know what Washington "believes"?

One of the main problems of the main stream press in these times is their willingness to take as gospel, utterings by Administration, Defence or Intelligence officials. I say problem because how many times have these officials lied through their teeth since September 2001? It's about time their actions and not their words were examined.

Also who on earth gave the US the right to intervene in a sovereign nation's internal affairs? It is completely contrary to international law.

As for describing the Iranian regime as "bellicose", perhaps the Telegraph would care to back that up with some facts?

How many times has the USA been described as "bellicose" in the main stream media?

Which of the two countries has initiated over 200 military interventions since World War II? Iran? or the US?

"Critics of America will claim it is easy for the Bush Administration to call for an economic squeeze because America does little business with Iran, and so has little to lose."

The Telegraph Comment writers fail to question, exactly where Europe will find its own energy resources. It seems to forget that Europe is an energy competitor to the US, and must therefore look out for its own interests and not sacrifice them for the US.

"But in the real world, we all know if Teheran is to be stopped from developing a nuclear warhead it is to America that the West will ultimately turn"

Again the Telegraph assumes Iran is developing a nuclear warhead in spite of there being no proof.

Why is it that the falsified Iraq Downing St. dossier come to mind along with Colin Powell's false testimony to the UN?

"It will surprise many that Europe is offering such economic succour to a regime whose avowed aim is to use nuclear weapons to dominate the most volatile region on the planet. "

This is a blatant lie. In fact the truth is completely the opposite. The Iranians have never expressed any intention to dominate anyone with nuclear weapons. That is in fact what Israel and the US aims are. The Iranian Supreme Leader even issued a fatwa against the research, production or use of nuclear weapons.

One wonders why the Telegraph Comment writers are so interested in promoting yet another war of aggression? I would remind them that the Nuremburg tribunals sentenced people to death for doing exactly the same...

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